Granite, Marble, Natural Stone Products

Check out one of our suppliers to see the range of wonderful colours, patterns and surface finishes available. Each slab is unique, and ranges from solid colour to magnificent patterns, some with high gloss, others finished with an ‘antique’ surface or a soft satin honed surface. Mica, crystal quartz and semi precious stones add to the individual beauty of each slab. Visit the warehouses in Ottawa or Toronto to choose your own slabs.

MSI Stone
Interstone Marble and Granite
Masterpiece Granite

Watch the Interstone video – warehouse tour of granite slabs starts at 3.30 minutes into the video

STARON (click here for full range of colours available)

With an impressive range of over 70 colors, Staron countertops are perfect from a design aesthetic. But they’re also perfect from a practicality standpoint as well. The acrylic surfacing materials are durable, stain resistant, easy to clean and repairable. Because they’re nonporous, bacteria, molds and moisture cannot penetrate the surface, making Staron not only a lovely and functional surface, but also a healthy one.

Bristol Sinks and Faucets

Check out the full range of sinks and faucets available and contact me for exclusive contractor pricing!